Sirwiñakuy (2010)

(Director, Writer, Actress)

An encounter between an older Bolivian man and a young French woman leads to a turbulent BDSM relationship.

Anouk is French, she’s 30, she’s in Bolivia. A massive demonstration is taken place outside the charming café where she’s talking to a friend. Luis, Bolivian, 50, is observing her terrible table manners. His companion won’t shut up about his travel ordeals. When they are both alone, Luis approaches Anouk and simply asks her to go with him. She does.

Anouk moves in with Luis. She doesn’t quite understand why she’s transplanted herself to this old house full of books, antiques and crumbling walls, with a man almost twice her age, whose name she never even asked.

When he spanks her, her curiosity grows. Only Anouk knows how far she’s willing to go.

Directed By
Amy Hesketh

Veronica Paintoux
Jac Avila

Written By
Amy Hesketh

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