Film Director - Writer - Producer - Actress

  • PygmalionPosterMockUpGrey

    Pygmalion (2017)

    (Director, Writer, Actress) A megalomaniacal film director believes he can create the perfect woman, and get over his ex, by casting a street girl in his new film.  

  • OlallaPosterCompositeFinal1000

    Olalla (2015)

    (Director, Writer, Actress) Belonging to an incestuous family of vampires has its disadvantages. Picking up after the book by Robert Louis Stevenson ends, Olalla’s family receives another visitor. As the struggle between Felipe and the …

  • DeadButDreamingPosterFlick

    Dead But Dreaming (2013)

    (Actress, Producer) A vampire film with “altitude”. The year is 1805, the city of Nuestra Señora de La Paz lives in fear of an invasion from the indigenous population, and – within its walls – …

  • BarbazulPoster

    Bluebeard / Barbazul (2013)

    (Director, Writer, Actress) Barbazul loves women… he just can’t stop killing them! Based on the the fairytale “La barbe bleue” (1697) written by Charles Perrault about a man with a blue beard who kills his …

  • LeMarquisPosterAltquotes

    Le Marquis de la Croix (2012)

    (Director, Writer, Actress) Inspired by the writings of the Marquis de Sade. Zynga, a gypsy woman, is sentenced to death by guillotine for her crimes, claiming to be innocent. She’s given a choice, to lose …

  • MaleficarumEngPoster

    Maleficarum (2011)

    (Actress, Producer) Maria Francisca, a wealthy young heiress and her friend Mariana De Castro, a young protestant widow, are accused of witchcraft and taken before the Inquisition. Maleficarum is the story of Francisca, a wealthy …

  • SirwinakuyDVDfrontCover

    Sirwiñakuy (2010)

    (Director, Writer, Actress) An encounter between an older Bolivian man and a young French woman leads to a turbulent BDSM relationship. Anouk is French, she’s 30, she’s in Bolivia. A massive demonstration is taken place …